From 30/09 to 06/09! 

Photo exhibition at home by the amazing Gecko, during one week, just for you!  🌊


A professional photographer and ‘photographic author’: Christian RUE also known as Gecko.

Water has always occupied a significant place in his existence, and ever since his childhood. With his father being a marine officer, amateur photographer and sailor, Christian has swum in image and travelled thousands of nautical miles. On the Mediterranean sea , where he grew up , and then on the Atlantic coast , where he has lived for the past 20 years.

Passionate about riding , scuba diving and extreme sports, his experiences were always accompanied by photographic images. He created his own photo business in the beginning of the 1990’s, constantly in search of the best efficiency relating to the quality. Being very invested in sport, he has completed multiple documentaries and gone as far as creating parts of his own aquatic photography material (waterproof cases, etc..)

Attached to nature, Gecko wants his pictures to portray a sense of purity in the way we see nature or people in his photos. “As a photographer, I am very attached to the value of this profession , the present moment and current trends. I fully dedicate myself to my clients, I dive into their universe to highlight it through my images. I am also a fully-fledged photographic author who enjoys exposing my vision through my personal creations.”